Junior L.O.L. 61

St. Paul's Church Defenders J.L.O.L. 61
Belfast Junior District J.L.O.L. 4

The members of L.O.L. 1960 take great pride in our Orangeism and the Protestant Faith we are also keen to promote and preserve these for the next generation. We do this in the hope that they can freely worship God, demonstrate their Orange Culture and remain loyal British subjects within the United Kingdom thus Junior L.O.L.61.

In 1979 John Kensit Memorial L.O.L. 869 a lodge in no.7 district in the city of Belfast found themselves in trouble due to loss of members. As a result the lodge returned their warrant. Although L.O.L. 869 had membership problems and as a result folded, they still possessed a thriving Junior Lodge with some thirty members. The Orange Order being a brotherhood allowed the Late WBro. Robert McLaughlin PDM a member of L.O.L. 869 and superintendent of the John Kensit Memorial Junior Lodge no. 61 to attend a meeting of L.O.L. 1960. WBro. Robert McLaughlin PDM made an emotional appeal to the members of L.O.L. 1960 asking them to take-over the responsibility of running Junior Lodge L.O.L. 61.
L.O.L. 1960 were keen to ensure that the good works of WBro. Robert McLaughlin PDM and the other brothers should not go to waste and so it was decided that the warrant for JLOL 61 would belong to L.O.L. 1960 and John Kensit Memorial JLOL 61 became St. Paul's Church Defenders JLOL 61. WBro. Robert McLaughlin PDM carried on in his worthwhile role as Superintendent of JLOL 61 for several years. Despite this some minor changes had to be made JLOL 61 used to meet on the last Saturday afternoon in every month this was then changed to the last Wednesday night to accommodate the new assistant superintendents who were to assist WBro. Robert McLaughlin PDM.

At the time of the adoption of JLOL 61 the juniors had a ladies committee made up of some of the boys mothers this then became a valued asset to L.O.L. 1960 as they raised funds for the Lodge. On the first parade of JLOL 61 under St. Paul's Church Defenders the ladies committee were delighted to see some twenty members of L.O.L. 1960 accompanying their newly adopted Junior Lodge.

Since May 1979 St. Paul's Church Defenders JLOL 61 has given Orangeism to young men between the ages of 7-16. Junior Orangemen uphold the Four principles of:


Many young men have came through the ranks of JLOL 61 learning about our Protestant Faith and our celebrated Orange Culture. Many have went on to join Senior Lodges not only L.O.L. 1960 but other Orange lodges throughout the greater Shankill area where JLOL 61 draws much of its membership. Even the webmaster of this site holds a Past Masters certificate for JLOL 61 and is now a member of L.O.L. 1960.

Today JLOL 61 boasts a membership of around twenty young men and is one of the strongest lodges in its district. Each Twelfth of July members of JLOL 61 accompany L.O.L. 1960 on their Twelfth of July demonstration and on occasions have taken part in the Belfast County Junior Colour Party and Belfast District L.O.L. 7/8 Colour Party. Members of JLOL 61 have also participated in competitions and sporting events. Such as the annual football match between Glasgow and Belfast Juniors. JLOL 61 always welcomes new recruits.

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